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10 pain points of finding a wedding venue

& how Craven Farm Weddings + Events can help

Being engaged is a unique & special, often short time in your life. At Craven Farm Weddings + Events, we think you should be able to enjoy this time focused on each other instead of stressing over finding the right venue for your big day. We are an award-winning wedding venue just north of Seattle, WA dedicated to taking the stress off of you!

Harvest Barn at craven far weddings and events just north of seattle for indoor dining dancing ceremonies or cocktail hours

PC: Joanna Monger Photography

So, how can we help you find a wedding venue? Let's take a look!

1. Budget Blues

The Problem: affordability, financial stress, cost constraints, budget breakdown, price surprises.


The Solution: Let's save the “blues” for that wedding tradition of "Something blue"! We offer transparent pricing, a payment plan and happily suggest local professional wedding vendors we know and trust. We offer many inclusions in our venue rental and are comparably priced to many venues in our area.


Indoor dining option at craven farm wedding venue north of seattle wa award winning wedding venue in snohomish

PC: Almida Meyer Photo

2. Availability Anguish


The Problem: booking challenges, limited dates, venue availability, peak season woes, event date clashes


The Solution: A wide range of available dates that are listed on our website, providing flexibility and convenience for you. We eliminated the stress of choosing between peak and nonpeak seasons. Bookings are managed efficiently to minimize conflicts and maximize choices and we keep it simple in an online platform.


outdoor boho chic wedding ceremony at versatile stress-less award winning wedding venue in snohomish, WA just north of Seattle WA. Craven Farm Weddings and Events

PC: Kayla Esparza

3. Size Struggles


The Problem: capacity concerns, guest list tension, space limitations, intimate vs. grand, seating dilemmas


The Solution: Versatility. Our numerous indoor and outdoor spaces provide versatility that cater to both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations, up to 350 guests. We offer help with customizable seating arrangements to accommodate various guest list sizes. We also listen to your desires to create an atmosphere that reflects who you are and the experience you want for your guests. With this knowledge, we help guide you in your choices of venue layout for your wedding day flow.



indoor banquet style dinner in our rustic chic barn at Craven Farm Weddings and Events award winning wedding venue north of seattle in Snohomish Wa. Versatile spaces. Indoor outdoor venue.

PC: Joanna Monger Photography

4. Location Lamentations 


The Problem: travel hassles, distant dreams, destination dilemmas, accessibility woes, remote venues.

The Solution: Craven Farm is conveniently located north of Seattle, ensuring easy accessibility for guests. Snohomish is a wonderful base point to showcase all that the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer! We are a short drive to the Puget Sound, and close the mountains as well. Need overnight accommodation for your guests? We LOVE sharing our connections with couples.



The pole barn is an amazing rainy day backup inclement weather solution for this versatile award winning wedding venue in snohomish wa just north of seattle that aleviates the pain points of finding a wedding venue.

PC: Darian Kaia Photography

5. Weather Worries


The Problem: unpredictable climate, outdoor concerns, rain plan stress, seasonal challenges, weatherproofing


The Solution: Well before your wedding date, we help you choose the best weather plan and a rainy day plan. This ensures that you feel good about either scenario, by taking the stress of last-minute decisions away. We offer both indoor and outdoor options and offer suggestions for the flow of guest and vendor traffic throughout the day.


Expansieve fields at caven Farm weddings and events create the most dreamy sunset backdrops for wedding photographers capturing wedding couples at this award winning wedding venue in snohomish wa just north of Seattle washington.

PC: Almida Meyer Photo

6. Hidden Fees Horror


The Problem: unexpected costs, additional charges, fine print surprises, hidden expenses, budget overruns.


The Solution: We all love surprises – but hidden fees are not one of them! We are upfront about all venue pricing, additional hours/days cost, and additional cost for permits/licenses.


our secret garden is a gorgeous backdrop for first look photos, outdoor dining, outdoor wedding ceremonies and more at our verstile award winning wedding venue in Snohomish WA just north of Bellevue wa and Seattle Wa

PC: Elizabeth Lauren Photos

7. Décor Dilemmas


The Problem: venue aesthetics, conflicting styles, décor restrictions, customization challenges, design clashes.


The Solution: Convenience: Check out all the décor that is available for you to borrow, at no cost to you in our online shop! Shop | Craven Weddings Our beautiful spaces both indoor and outdoor, lend the perfect backdrop for any style you want to bring! We have seen everything here, from simple elegance, to disco boho, to fancy ballroom vibes, and everything in between.


A couple kissing during their sparkler send off after getting married at award winning Craven Farm Wedding venue in Snohomish wA just north of Seattle, WA.

PC: B. Jones Photography

8. Regulation Roadblocks


The Problem: legal hurdles, permit problems, venue restrictions, compliance issues, licensing headaches.

The Solution: We keep it easy. Everything that is expected of us as a venue, and you as a couple, is outline in our wedding contract. In your complimentary online planner, we include the direct links to obtain the correct required documents, so you only get what you need.

Bride and groom steal a few moments alone in a corn maze at Craven Farm Weddings an award winning venue in snohomish wa just north of kirkland bellevue and seattle wa

PC: Rachel Syrisko

9. Catering Conundrums


The Problem: menu restrictions, catering choices, dietary concerns, beverage limitations, culinary compromises


The Solution: We partner with local professional caterers to offer diverse menus that cater to various dietary preferences, culinary desires and budget needs. From pizza trucks and taco bars to prime rib and salmon, there is something for everyone!


Rainy day backup ceremony in the pole barn at award winning wedding venue Craven Farm wedding just north of seattle in snohomish wa. The pole barn also seat large groups for outdoor dinners, is a great dance floor and cocktail hour area.

PC: Dan Manning Photography

10. Timeline Troubles


The Problem: booking deadlines, setup limitations, event duration challenges, time constraints, schedule conflicts


The Solution: We offer a long venue rental period, with ample time to complete cleanup at the end of the night. Need an additional day? Our Friday weddings have the option of renting the venue the day before for a 6 hour block! We also provide support in planning and coordination with our online planner, ensuring your choice in the flow of events throughout the celebration. A weekly Open House night on Wednesdays aid in your planning process.


What should you do next?

You should come on a tour with us. We'd love to meet you and hear all about your wedding plans. Book a tour today!



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